So called “ Friend “

Almost a year has passed since the 2016 Sultan of Johor Cup.
And in a months time the 2017 Edition will commence.

I have served as Media Officer for the SOJC since the inaugural event in 2011 and we have both grown together.

But this year things will be a little different as I will be missing something precious to me.

For the last 6 editions I have lugged along a bag that contains my treasures that I use for the tournament.

The bag itself is of sentimental value as a Friend gave it to me in 2005.

In the bag are my walkie talkies laser jet printer, extension cards that are used for the members of the media at the tribune as well as my wifi router.

I had handed the bag to a “ Friend” after the final last year to transport it back to KL.

That was the last I saw of it but there are countless stories about the “ missing” bag.

Anyway I had to start from scratch this time around, and incur additional costs that I can ill afford die to my recent eye injections.

So why the big fuss?

Well it’s just to state never trust anyone in your life as there are many who take advantage of my handicap.

My blessings to them and I pray that karma will one day do justice to these “ good” friends who manipulate things and words in order to attain personal wealth at the expense of others.

Why not name the person? Well let him/her live in shame in this world of lies and deceit.

God bless you always, I forgive you, but I believe karma will not.