So what if Kok Chi was at MAKAF 2.0 Meeting ?

Why are certain parties in the Malaysia Karate Federation so sensitive?

And each time they feel threatened, they just spew profanities and threaten with court action!

Maybe this is one reason why Karate is in such a position these days.

A perfect example was illustrated today when a veteran sports official Dato Sieh Kok Chi attended the General Meeting of the breakaway faction of MAKAF at Putrajaya.

One thing everyone must be clear about – Kok Chi does not hold any position in the Olympic Council of Malaysia and never claims or has claimed to represent that institution.

He was undoubtedly a very much respected member of the sports fraternity and had served most of his days serving OCM.

Therefore his presence at the MAKAF meeting cannot and should not be construed as a support for either group.

Kok Chi has a democratic right as had every Malaysian and no one has the right to dictate terms as to who he can be friends or foes with.

He is well versed, experienced and knowledgeable enough as to steer from controversy.

So for a select few officials from MAKAF to cast aspersions of the credibility of Kok Chi is akin to not knowing that being present is not support but rather being concerned.

These officials should be ashamed for raising doubts on a man that has sacrificed so much for sports.

Why do you fear him? Is it because you have something to hide? Is it because you feel his mere presence will cause you to lose your position? Or is it just simply because you are scared of your own shadow?

Let the elder statesman be, he knows what’s best for him and let him decide who he wants to support or otherwise.

As for going to court just because an 81 year old man attended a meeting, do you really think our courts are so free that they have nothing better to do then to listen to failed Politicians!