Socso – not helping but shortening lives

There is something really really wrong with the agency called Perkeso or popularly known as Socso.

Having contributed towards Socso for more then 3 decades, I am entitled to receive benefits from Socso after being diagnosed with renal failure since 2015.

In the initial months, around six weeks in May/June I had to fork out my own money towards undergoing dialysis as it took Socso 6 weeks to process my application for Dialysis.

Once that was sorted, I was surprised to learn that my “ Pancen Elat” payments were lower then others and despite asking I received no replies.

Life went on as those who are aware of dialysis will be aware that the cost charged by centres has escalated but Socso only provides RM150 per session and to the maximum of 14 sessions a month.

Dialysis patients require injections to boost their HB and at an average it ought to be at least 12 injections a month.

One injection costs RM60-80 depending on dialysis centres but Socso only provides RM30 per injection and that too limited to 8 injections per month.

So if your HB drops, it’s your own funeral is what Socso is saying.

Well last year in May I made a request to change dialysis centres, to one closer to home.

It took a month for approval to come and after 2 weeks I compiled the daily dialysis receipts after paying RM205 per session and submitted to Socso.

They acknowledge receipt by stamping a copy of my letter and I subsequently posted them a second set of claims for the next 2 weeks.

Almost a year later, I got no reply, each call put on hold. A visit to the Tun Razak Socso office and u was told that my file was in Jalan Ampang.

So today all prepared, I went to Socso in Jalan Ampang and was initially pushed from one counter to another before ending up at the 10th floor dialysis division.

And after what seems like ages, I was told that my file is in Tun Raxak Office and there was some claims I was not entitle to.

So my question was why was I not told or informed?

And the answer was short – we have no idea, go ask Tun Razak Office.

See how they brush you off?

All in all Socso owes me around RM5-6k for my initial dialysis and the one month I changed centre.

So the moral of the story is simple, if you have to do Dialysis, you better have the money, if not you are sure to die within weeks if your life depends on Socso.

When they take almost a year to even respond to you, when they do not even bother to inform you in this age of technology, when they decide to withhold or shortchange you in terms of eligibility , then it’s as good as preparing for your funeral,

And mind you even if you die, although you are entitled to death benefit for your funeral, the money might never come for your next of kin.

To me Frankly it’s not the money but the very principle of it, that Socso is not fair, not accountable and not efficient in discharging it’s duties.

I am categorised as a handicap, holder of an OKU card due to my blindness but dare I seek any assistance from Socso.

In the minutes I spent waiting for answers at the Jalan Ampang office, I heard the plight of others as well, almost Sumi Kuat cases, being pushed around like footballs and failed to receive what’s due to them.

So if most members of the public opt not to vote BN in the GE14, pencil down the inefficiency of Socso as one of the reasons why.

When the health ministry can provide free Hep C injections, I cannot understand why Socso cannot review their rates for injections as well as dialysis treatment which has seen no change for years.

Hoping the powers that be read this and look into this.

Or let us buy a dialysis machine and pay us the RM150 due to us and not only when it’s done at centres.

Over to you Politicians!