SOJC dates moved

SOJC Postponed to 2022.

The Johor Hockey Association through an email last night announced the postponement of the 10th Sultan of Johor Cup which was scheduled from September 4 to 12 this year due Covid 19 pandemic.

In an email to teams, JHA Executive Secretary Hashim Yusof wrote;

“ Refer to the above matter, on behalf of the President of the Johor Hockey Association , Dato Manjit , pertaining to the 10th Sultan Of Johor Cup 2021, we would like to inform you that the Invitational Tournament this year has been postponed to another date and year due to increasing number of the COVID 19 cases in Malaysia.

We will inform you on the revised dates ASAP,”

Eight nations, namely India, England, Canada, South Africa, Egypt, Japan, Australia and Malaysia had initially confirmed participation.

Asian Hockey Federation too is looking at a slot to organise the Junior Asia Cup which was moved 3 times

And all eyes are on FIH to decide on the Junior World Cup as it is scheduled for November in India.

Most likely the Junior Asia Cup will be slotted for December if the Junior World Cup moves to March or April 2022.