We might as well close down the National Sports Council after the 2010 Budget was unveiled by the Prime Minister today.

Unity in the country has a perfect tool, sports, but the government of the day has opted not to give much thought of using sports as means of achieving the 1 Malaysia concept which to me is now just a slogan rather then a unifying factor .

There are tons of ways one could have helped the sports industry and holding the seminar some two months ago, which ironically was declared open by the PM himself, has proven to be a sheer waste of time.

They used to say that Tun Mahathir was not too concerned about sports and that Datuk Najib being a former Sports Minister would be all ears to sports.

Well that has not been the case as he has not even mentioned sports as a unity tool, sports to project the nation , sports as means towards a healthy society and sports as an industry to spur the economy .

My heart goes out to those in the NSC as they have to work within a limited budget with the expectations so high for 2010 what more with the Thomas Cup, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games around the corner.

Those in the NSC are always blamed when the athletes fail to deliver hence the politicians are deprived of the publicity the crave for.

But it is you, the politicians in dark suits who are responsible towards the decay of sports in the country.