Sports check: Care for free advise Reezal?

A piece of advise for the incoming sports minister Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican and Deputy Minister Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal .

Do not be shy or cocky to seek advise.

And make decisions based on facts and not the colourful presentations or often misleading stats provided to you.

The duo have been entrusted with one of the lowest ranked Ministry’s in the Cabinet.

But it will be THT most scrutinised Ministry from the rest as The Eye of the media and public will be constantly on you.

A slip up and trust me, you will never be allowed to forget.

As the other Cabinet colleagues fight for their fair share of publicity, you are assured of yours through the sports pages and special segments of TV sports news.

Yes you will be briefed by your officials, be it at KBS, NSC,ISN and the various other agencies under your purview.

Expect to be fed with so much information and false facts that you might wonder why we are still struggling to win our first Gold medal at the Olympics!

Trust me, we the public too are still wondering as no one from the civil service takes accountability for failure.

This is because they have a ready made scapegoat – it’s called the National Sports Associations.

But the NSA’s could well be an alien word to the Deputy Minister Wan Ahmad Fayhsal – for when his former boss Syed Saddiq was at the helm, he never met the NSA’s.

As a matter of fact the former Minister never visited the Olympic Council of Malaysia!

And in case your “ brilliant” officers from NSC give you wrong directions, OCM is situated opposite the iconic Stadium Negara.

Apple polishing and hymns of praises would have started yesterday itself on your so called expertise and ability to turn spirts around.

But frankly we are moving out from the dark side as the last 19 months saw one of our worst performing Sports Ministers.

Therefore the standards are really not high for you, as ABY little thing You do could be a milestone of achievement, provided it’s done with pomp and splendour.

As a minister you are entitled to appoint a Sports Advisory Panel under the provisions of the 1997 Sports Development Act.

Sadiq chose to do away with this, no need to second guess on whose advise.

Review the appointments of the various Boards of the National Sports Institute, National Sports Council, Stadium Board and others.

Time to get rid of these Political appointees and let those truly passionate about sports on board.

Seeking advice is easy, you probably got a lot already by now on Hoe to run your ministry.

But just as players change jerseys , expect many on the dark side to swing towards you, as this is the nature of the game.

You will be swamped for requests for interviews, invites to TV stations – as all in the name of exclusivity, nothing really on your ability.

That’s the name of the game – Apple polishing in sports and really we are gold medalist at world level.

Very few will tell you the stark truth, and it’s these people you will be warned against to meet.

But who cares really, you politicians come and go and having served under many,from Dato Seri Najib, Tan Sri Anuar Musa, Dato Ghani Othman, Tan Sri Muhyddin, Dato Seri Hishanuddin, Dato Azalina, Dato Seri Isnail Sabri, Dato Seri Shabery Cheek, Khairy Jamaludin and Sadiq, I hope you will be your own man. Is that asking too much?

By the way Reezal there is a refurbished hockey stadium in your constituency that’s about to be completed.

No need to ask but I am certain a tournament of national level or at least one named after you could be headed your way.

Get the drift!

By the way my council of eminent persons in sports is holding a gathering tonight.

And trust me, the appointments of you two will top the agenda.

I could carry on writing but doing this with my left hand while hooked to a dialysis machine is a tough ask.

But not tougher the you trying to differentiate fact from fiction !