Sports check: DS Reezal walks on a tight rope but thin line.

Frankly I do not envy the newly appointed Youth & Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican

Though many say that being in KBS is the junior most ministry, the responsibilities far more important then some of the other Ministries.

For instance, anything related to Sports makes the news, as there are dedicated pages for sports news in print media and even on the TV plus Radio stations.

Therefore his decisions are scrutinised, more often then not for negativity then for positive aspects, making him look like a villain when actually he should be a hero.

Having had the opportunity to have a short but concise chat with the Minister this morning, I could sense the sincerity in him, his desire to do the right thing, his determination to walk on a tight rope, doing a fine balance between Youth and Sports.

A good start when one understands that in this Ministry, the Minister is often judged on one hand by activities and the other on results.

Agreed much needs to be done for our Youth and that’s what Reezal has to do, not merely being all talk but hardly action.

And on the other hand he needs to do some sort of reconciliation between Youth & Sports, using the latter to bring the former to contribute in nation building by turning to sports.

“ You know when I was appointed as the Youth and Sports Minister , I received messages of congratulations and condolences,” Reezal quipped.

“ I am familiar with Youth but I admit I have lots to learn about sports and I am prepared to learn.

“ The MCO actually provides me with an opportunity to study the entire eco system and once it’s over I hope to start doing the right things.”

When reminded of the fact that his predecessor Syed Saddiq hardly met the stakeholders in sports, Reezal said that it will not be fair to compare them.

“ He may have had his reasons. I have a more open approach but give me a bit of time before I meet up the sports bodies or athlete’s” added the Minister who was calm and composed during the phone interview.

On the issue of Sukma and when it should be held, Reezal was firm in his stand.

“ As I had stated, it will depend on several aspects, the first being – no clash with other big events,” explained the Kepala Batas MP.

“ Next we need to take into consideration the views of the host Johor as what will be the most suitable period for them.

“ And then there is the technical aspect on the age requirements plus format, technical issues that I rather leave to the experts to advise me on.”

On any possible changes in policy or structure in Malaysian Sports, the Minister probably relied on his days at the Foreign Ministry by saying:

“ It’s early days, let me look at things overall and in detail and I will be able to speak better after that.”

A level headed response, no arrogance or high handedness.

Now the question remains, will the Minister get the true facts or becpainted a picture of “ cerita sedap” and his ability to differentiate between fact and fiction?

We shall wait and see, until then please stay at home.