Sports Commission: Are they in hibernation mode?

Waiting for the Sports Commissioners Office to respond or act is akin to waiting for the durian to fall.

It could well be an exercise in futility as many a national sports Association has realised,

With the nation undergoing Movement Control Restrictions since March 18, the Sports Commissioners Office have given a new meaning to “ work from home”.

Well to them it’s hibernation period, and extension of not doing their work even when sports was run at its normal pace.

As highlighted by, the inaction by the Sports Commissioner Dr. Wirdati Mohd. Radzi has to start working as really nothing is seen to be done since her appointment last October.

As one Association put it, “ We tried to get in touch with her office to seek advise on our AGM but received no response for the past month. Frankly are they on the ball.”

And two days ago Senior Minister Dato Ismail Sabri made it crystal clear that no AGM!s of companies, associations , cooperatives can be held at least until the end of June.

And the Director General of the Ministry of Health Dato Noor Hisham Abdullah also reiterated that no gatherings out to be held for a six month period and no cross border travel was allowed.

So rightfully the Sports Commissioners Office should have taken the initiative to issue a statement after discussions with the Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican.

This is management is called being pro-active, but try telling that to any of the Sports Commissions Officers, some who have been there longer then the furniture.

And three national sports associations are now looking at moving their Annual General Meetings but hoping for the SCO to provide a circular outlining the guidelines.

Football Association of Malaysia are scheduled to hold their AFM in July.

“ We will move it to later this year subject to a directive and circular from the Sports Commissioner. We need the guidelines and as it involved our constitution , it’s best for the SCO to issue a circular on extension of the period the AGM is to be held,” said FAM President Dato Hamidin Amin responding time the Bebasnews report.

As for Squash Racquet Association of Malaysia, President Nik Razeen Nik Daud, it was akin to a wait and see game.

“ I will be seeking consensus from the Management Committee to move the AGM to a later date, subject to the advice from the Ministry of Health.” said Nik Razeen when contacted.

“ We will wait for the official notification on extension from the Sports Commissioners Office before embarking on such a move,” added Nik Razeen.

SEAM was scheduled to hold their AGM on June 14.

It was understood that the Hon Secretary of SRAM had already tried to contact SCO but no response was received thus far.

Another leading national sports association, the Badminton Association of Malaysia is also contemplating moving the AGM as it was scheduled for April.

“ We have not decided the date yet..initially the date was in April but we have postponed it,” said BAM President Dato Seri Norza Zakaria.”

And asked as to when the BAM Annual General Meeting will be held, this was Nieza’s response,

“ It all depends on MCO and post MCO guidelines and SCO circular.”

So three big boys of Malaysian sports have made it crystal clear that they await directives from the Sports Commissioner..

And if she is really not too keen with the position, go see DS Reezal so that she can return to University Malaya and let the Minister appoint others who can do a better job.

Let’s not even go to issues surrounding sports bodies, for it might take a few chapters to outline them.

And while looking at this, DS Reezal must also look at the political appointees on the various NSC, ISN and Stadium Board.

Time to clean up the act Minister. Starting from Wisma KBS where little napoleons are roaming freely.

Am sure former Sports Minister Khairy Janakudfin would have given you useful hints when he dropped by the other day.

Get out of hibernation please, work at home means work, not hibernate.