SRAM Elections: Vote Wisely, Vote Carefully

Hardly six hours remain to decide if there would be a change in the leadership of Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia.

The battle for the top position , President , between incumbent Nik Razeen A. Daud and his challenger Gerard Monteiro will set the tone in which directions the results will go.

Teaming up with Nik Razeen are two former internationals Azlan Iskandar and Sharon Wee.

These two have served the nation well as players and are looking forward to continue serving Squash albeit in a different capacity.

So teaming up with a person who is considered a wily old fox is something refreshing for a combination like this could only be beneficial to Squash.

Personally I have known Nik Razeen since 2000 when I first met him at the Royal Lake Club where I served as the Sports Manager.

But since 2001 onwards I have not had any contact until early this year when I accompanied a Football promoter to see him at the PSM where Nik Razeen was the Chief Executive Officer.

Well 20 years ago and today, he is the same Nik Razeen, aged perhaps, but still the same in character and personality .

Nik Razeen has so many plans laid out for Squash, and perhaps in of his biggest aspirations is to start a nation wide development program for the sport.

In tandem with the National Football Development Program, Nik Razeen shared his vision to produce more top level Squash I layers through a systematic five year program.

And this program is currently in its final stages of planning with next year January as the possible date of launch if not earlier.

It will be such a waste for SRAM not to have a program of this nature as Squash has consistently delivered medals at the multi sports events when it matters most.

With Nik Razeen now 66 and alongside Mejar Maniam who is a bit older by some 20 odd days, these duo, though on different camps in this election, could well see another terms as they’re swan song, riding into the sunset like Batman and Robin.

Committee n sense should prevail in elections but when has that happened really?

Greed, power, recognition – the three vital ingredients is what drives others to challenge for positions

Unlike some who resort to underhand tactics, make promises that they never deliver, build up a sports body that operates like a cartel, Nik Razeen has always adored inclusiveness rather then exclusiveness.

So the delegates out there at the National Squash Centre today should put their confidence Nik Razeen, Azlan and Sharon to take Squash to the next plateau.