Though the storm seems to have blown over at the Badminton Association of Malaysia, there seems to be an unhappy truce within the administration.
For its Hon. Secretary Ng Chin Chai it seems has been sidelined in the decision making process, currently handled by president Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Tg Ariff and his two deputies Dato Al Amin Majid and Dato Norza Zakaria.
But Chin Chai, who yielded considerable influence in the past set up, led by former president Dato Seri Nadzmi Mohd Salleh, is not too perturbed and rather plays down the issue.
“I am carrying out the responsibilities entrusted to me as Secretary and really my job is to look into the administration of BAM,” said Chin Chai when met after the signing of an MOU between BAM and the Korean BA.
“One has to understand that the current President is hands on and is on the top of things. Thus he is fully aware of what is going on.
“To be honest I play no role with regards to the national team plans and that does not concern me. In the past I was the Chairman of the Coaching and Training Committee but it is a different set-up these days.”
With regards to upholding the BAM constitution as Secretary, Chin Chai said that a Rules Committee was looking into several aspects upon been requested too by the President.
The Rules Committee comprises of Dato Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos, Jagadish Chandra, Mohd Shah Hashim and Chin Chai himself.
However BAM needs to adhere to its constitution or make whole scale changes by holding an Extra Ordinary General Meeting to make amendments to its constitution.
Currently the role of the Coaching & Training Committee has been taken over by the Talent Management Group, but other vital sub-committee have yet to be formed – Development, Tournament and Finance. These are sub committee required for the successful administration of a national body and is provided for in the constitution.
Chin Chai was non-committal on the formation of these sub-committees and also refused to talk about the changes or proposals made by the Rules Committee.
“That has to be presented to the BAM Council that meets this Saturday. We will have to see what the affiliates decide on the proposals<’ added Chin Chai.
Thus it will be interesting to see if BAM adheres to its own regulations and sets up the committees as stated in its constitution.