Stop the rojak sports culture

One cannot have the cake and eat it.

In case those at the National Sports Council cab not understand this phrase, then here is the description.

“ You can’t have your cake and eat it is a popular English idiomatic proverb or figure of speech. The proverb literally means “you cannot simultaneously retain your cake and eat it”. Once the cake is eaten, it is gone.”

Why does this reflect on the all powerful, all knowledgable and the be all of Malaysian Sports?

Simply because they tend to make decisions that tend to haunt them in the years to come, all because of egos and the lack of thought.

The current issue stemming from the omniscient of certain sports from the 2021 SEA Games has opened up a can of worms.

When the NSC engineered to take over the Podium Program after the Jakarta/Palembang Asian Games, they came up with a 4 tier program for Podium,

While the first three, raising the bar for Olympics/World, Asian and Commonwealth Games was in tandem with the initial set up of the Podium, a new category for SEA or regional meets was introduced.

In the past there used to be separate programs for SEA Games bound Athletes, like the Kita Juara for KL 2017 SEA Games.

But no specific program was initiated for the Vietnam SEA Games after the Manila debacle.

Rightfully NSC ought to have identified the Athletes for the next two year and placed them under the Pelapis Program, a totally different set up from Podium,

One cannot compare and Apple and an Orange when it comes to determining benefits.

Though it must be said that the remuneration in terms of allowances differ,

Now the catch 22 situation.

Some sports that potentially fave the chop from Vietnam have Athletes in the Podium Program.

Some quarters of the media are already lamenting in their fate – will they omitted from the Podium Program if their sport is dropped.

Firstly if they are targetted Athletes for higher achievement, Asian and Commonwealth ( 2022) then they have no worries.

But if they are not in that target group or their sport not in that list, then they go into wilderness.

So simply put who created this mess up after taking over the Podium Program?

It was all down to one thing – power, greed and monetary gains.

And who suffers in this chess game where one party had all kings and queens on the board while the opponent only has bishops!

Realistically the call for a review of the Podium Program could not have been more spirit timed.

Let’s clean up the mess and move on to Paris 2024.

And Journalists who are just out to create sensations to uplift personal egos should go back into MCO mode as life was peaceful with them in full quarantine .