Suhaimi Ibrahim was well known for his burst of speed and had the knack of scoring some outrageous goals during his career. He gave his very best when donning the national jersey, capped a total of 118 times.

But all the 31 year old is left now is with memories of his playing days and a sackfull of empty promises. For despite calling it quits in 2001, Suhaimi has yet to received his dues from the Malaysian Hockey Federation, said to be amounting to RM20,000.

That is the amount MHF owe this Maybank officer as his retirement fund.

“I have been waiting for eight years and it has been one promise after another,” said Suhaimi when met in Malacca where he was watching the NS and Penang match.

“Hashim (MHF Secretary) told me a year ago that he will look into my plight but has since avoided me. It has been one lie after another and I am really fed-up about the whole matter.”

The father of four boys who hails from Gemencheh first made his mark when representing Sekolah Men Dato Mohd Taha Gemencheh in the Champions Schools tournament before donning the YNS colours in the Junior League. He currently works for Maybank and has been their key player in the MHL.

Suhaimi said that some of the former players who played alongside him had promised to help secure the dues from MHF. And the Negri Sembilan State Hockey Association too has turned a deaf ear to his plight.

“Who is genuine in helping me as even my own state hockey association has turned a deaf ear. My friends are avoiding me as my call and SMS was never answered. I feel sad that those who said they wanted to help me are now keeping quiet despite holding important positions,” said Suhaimi.

We often hear about footballers not being paid their dues and hockey has got into the act. So will the MHF President please look into this as it obvious that his downliners are incompetent.