Sukma Technical Chairman , are we really out of capable individuals?

“ One for all and all for one.”

Remember these famous words?

However while un its original context it meant that unity is strength , it surely has a different meaning as so far as the National Sports Council Director General Dato Ahmad Shapawi Usmail year S concerned.

Nothing personal but how on earth could he self appoint himself as the Technical Committee Chairman for the Sukma ( Malaysian Games)?

In the past individuals Luke Dato Sieh Kok Chi and Dato Low Beng Choi were appointed as the Chairpersons to this all powerful committee that oversees the implementation of formats,,rules and regulations governing the Sukma.

Granted they were Secretary General of the Olympic Council if Malaysia during that time , with exception of Beng Choi for the 2018 edition, it was a precedent that someone from OCM usually chairs the merging.

The reason being the OCM Secretary General was considered impartial towards all 56 sports affiliated to OCM.

So was the current Secretary General Dato Nazifuddin omitted due to a different political scenario then?

Or was he offered and declined?

Let’s have some transparency here please.

Talking if capable personalities and experienced personnel, why are individuals like former NSC Director Generals in the likes of Dato Wira Mazlan Ahmad or Dato Seri Zolkples Embong not considered at all?

Or for that matter an individual that had years of experience managing Sukma Dato Jalil Abdullah who now serves with MGA?

Are these not officials who tirelessly worked to make Sukma a commercially viable success during their tenure?

There are several others that could have been considered like Tan Sri Al Amin Majid, , Dato Naim, Dato Azim Zabidi and the list goes in and on….

Why Dato Ahmad Shapawi is the question as he already has his plate full trying to improve Malaysian Sports.

One should not be the judge, jury and executioner, period!

If this appointment was done by the former Sports Minister or the last NSC Board, the correct thing to do will be to rescind it.

Or for Dato Ahmad Shapawi to step down and let others be appointed as there is still time.

Ironic as it may sound, there is a Technical Committee meeting scheduled today, just 24 hours before the Sukma Supreme Council meeting in Johor Batu tomorrow.

Does this lend credibility to this site’s story that Sukma could well moves its dates from April next year?

And another question – why hold it at a resort and not at the NSC grounds?

Have we suddenly run out of space there?

The nation is undergoing a Covid 19 pandemic and prudence is a key factor for the civil service under the new normal.

Anyway Shapawi is our superman of sports so rightfully this should now happen ; be appointed FAM Technical Director, OCM President, IOC Member, Permanent Sports Minister?

Come on Shapawi, let’s start doing things right please, you cannot have the cake and eat it.

Your position as DG is already intimidating to the National Sports Associations, cut them some slack here.

Let someone else head the Technical Committee as names given above are capable enough to run the show.

Enjoy the drive to Johor and perhaps a stop over at Tampin , your last visit being Deepavali in 2014.

It’s still the same house, still serge the same chapatis and above all same hospitality.

The only thing changed is now I am an amputee with two non functional kidneys but why care right, you got it made.