Sukma:Indecision creates more confusion

Malaysian sports is clouded with uncertainty and indecisiveness.

Largely thanks to those running sports do not have the scrotal gumption to make proper decisions.

Perhaps they are just adopting the slogan of a famous condom – plsy safe!

Take for instance Sukma.

It took the Youth and Sports Minister to take the bold initiative to hold a video conference and postpinebthe carnival scheduled for July.

And whether it is held in December or next year is uncertain.

But wait a minute, the Ministry of Education has rescheduled the examination dates, so obviously it cannot be held in December.

And all this while those in charge in NSC just kept pushing the matter of Sukma to carry on in a July , they kept relying on an excuse – saying a meeting will be held.

And now another issue on Sukma and hardly any decisive decision from the NSC, though the cards are clearly on the table.

The matter is fairly straightforward, simple and one does not even need a video conference to decide.

The eligibility, in terms of age of the Athletes, whether Sukma is held this year or next year should remain as it it.

Meaning use the age qualification as if Sukma was held in July this year.

Therefore there is no need for the various states to look for new athletes – just carry on with who you have trained over the past two years.

Certain states and even sports bodies and making daily statements, and yes the NSC DG saidv that a meeting was to be held in May to decide this matter.

So this charade of uncertainty will continue till May, if the words of the DG are to be relied upon.

Why all this inability to make decisions when the subject matter is clear cut?

The Education Ministry has decided, that itself is a major lead that Sukma cannot be held towards the end of the year.

Will we now also seek the Ministers wisdom to make a decision since the sports experts dare not?

The MCO means Movement Control Order not Major Conflicting Options.

So be decisive and move on please for we have far greater things like trying to stay alive to worry about!