Tell the truth FAM

A bagful of lies.
That is what one can deduce from the press conference held by the Football Association of Malaysia after its Executive Committee Meeting at Wisma FAM on Monday afternoon.
The truth is that FIFA exercised its rights contained in the Congress Hosting Agreement signed between  the two parties to withdraw the hosting rights and terminate the hosting rights of the 67th FIFA Congress awarded to Kuala Lumpur.   This was as a result of a breach of the hosting agreement and Clause  8.5 (IV) gave FIFA the right to terminate the hosting agreement.
So all that was said at the Press Conference was merely words and FAM should make public the letter from FIFA that will clearly show that the Congress was taken away as a result of FIFA invoking clause 8.5 (IV) of the Hosting Agreement.
Let’s do a fact check and then readers can deduce what is the truth and what is not.
1. FAM claims they withdrew from being hosts of the 2017 FIFA Congress and it was not withdrawn from them due to issues within FAM.
Fact Check : When this blog first revealed last Thursday night that the 2017 FIFA Congress will not be held in Malaysia next year, why did FAM not issue any statement and opted to issue a “no comment” statement only? And after four days they claim that they withdrew upon advice from the government.
To bid for the Congress there are many forms to be filled in the bid document and one of it is the consent from the government.
In accordance with the 1997 Sports Development Act, any bid for an international event must seek the consent of the Sports Commissioners Office.
Why did it take three years to dawn upon FAM that security was going to be an issue now and not when they bid for it?
A team from FIFA was to come to Malaysia in August to evaluate bids by local companies with regards hosting the congress. 
FAM claimed they sent a letter to FIFA on July 25 stating they wanted to withdraw from hosting the congress. Was the letter stating that FAM wanted to withdraw or was it stating that FAM could not fulfill the requirements  as required in the bid document submitted in October 2013.
Did FAM overlook the issue of granting of visas to non diplomatic countries when making the bid in the first place?
The Deputy Prime Minister made it very clear that it was best for Malaysia not to host the Congress as it might give rise to sensitive matters such as raising the Israeli flag.
Who was given the responsibility of planning for the FIFA Congress? That official should now either be sacked or removed from office for bringing shame to the nation.
So many questions but FAM just sweeps everything under the carpet by saying they withdrew upon security concerns.
Is Malaysia now no longer considered a safe country going by the statement made by the FAM?
Holding up a purported letter or reading out dates of communication does not clear anything other then trying to pull wool over the eyes of those who just accept it as gospel truth.
The bottom line is someone lied, and it surely was not this half blind, kidney less  person who sits 15 hours a week on a chair to prolong his life.
Be a man, stand up and admit you fumbled, take a bow, vacate your position and let the revolution begin.