Millions were spent on producing a report by the University of Sterling which conducted a survey on the state of affairs of the National Sports associations in the country. Even the amount paid to the University was what was not the government actually paid, so the end product is something that we all know, that the NSC virtually dictates sports in the country.

Sometime after the 2004 Athens Olympics Debacle, the Sports Unit of UPM was also commissioned to come up with a report on the state of affairs of the NSA and the relationship with NSC.

Trust me as I have a copy of the report that neverr saw daylight for it was a no holds barred report.

Basically the content of the current report ( as picked up from Haresh Deol’s Blog Foul) states:

The report stated; “… in some cases, it has been reported the NSC funded administrative officer reports primarily back to NSC rather than the board of governors of the NSA. If this is the case, it undermines the governance and management of an NSA and will inhibit development of the organisation … A significant number of NSAs reported their operational procedures were directed either by a strong president who determined how everything was to be done or that this was imposed upon them by NSC and tied to funding”.
According to the report, NSAs revealed they have a small role in the selection of athletes and coach as it is dictated by NSC although the council claim all their activities are done with the approval of the NSA.

Well, the 2004 report, though done by locals, for we always do not trust the prophet from our own land, was far more substantive then this.

Wanna debate on it? Name the place, time and venue Hon. Minister of Youth and Sports and we shall discuss it, at your turf, your homeground and your referees.

Told you once, telling you again, sports is not what is made out to be these days, for its a question of scratching one back, depends on just how overgrown your nails are for its that amount of filth that is being covered up.