Telling Truth Gets One Misery

Life has a funny way of taking twists when one least expects.

I have had a orris six years or so but prevailed.

Some called it extraordinary, some said I had tremendous will power while many linked it to my stubbornness.

I lead a lonely life, have a select few that I truly deem as friends.

After all I only need four to carry me to my funeral pyre eventually.

The past two weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster , in terms of health, work and emotions.

Those who you deem as friends were actually demons in disguise.

But to hell with them for eventually they too will face their wrath for karma spares no one.

Now that October beckons which direction will life take me next?

I was on the verge of moving my dialysis twice this year, in July and October but both scrapped due to drastic turn of events.

Now a permanent stay in Tampin is imminent as really there is no work in KL to secure.

Hence my decision to continue with my office space at Wisma OCM has to be given a second thought.

I will bot be able to afford the monthly rental and getting another space in a month an arduous task.

Jealousy is the main factor in me not renewing my contract, a decision I made after considerable thought.

One can do as much as he can to be straight, transparent and honest but it’s the crooks that prevail.

To be honest many used me to project their own image and standing in society.

But I hold no grudge, to each their own.

The next one month, until my birthday , Oct 31, will be a battle to survive.

To be Frank I am sick and tired of the charade in sports,

The corrupt will continue to prevail not matter how much of solid evidence is stacked against them.

Every where I turn and look there is an abuse of both power and money.

Sordid deals are made in broad daylight, it’s so sickening that even MACC turns a blind eye especially when politicians play their Trump cards.

I dare say the entire sports system is tainted, corrupt and a playground for crooks.

You know who you are and you continue to enjoy it as those entrusted with skirts close both eyes and are actually sleeping partners.

I remember I once wrote pleading parents to get their child’ to be active in sports.

Well I was wrong and I apologise from the bottom of my heart.

My quest for transparency and honesty will continue.

I swear to expose all of you and one day if not mr then some other will continue this arduous task.

For readers have Ang inkling that telling, writing truth is one costly affair.

Anyway The Lions Den takes a break but The Lion will continue to roar admits the fake of tigers walking around with their freebies, soaked in corrupt practices to their bones.