FAM Deputy President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah was kind enough to grant this blog an exclusive interview today where he touched on various issues on Malaysian football, ranging from the calls for HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah to step down as the FAM President to the new season of the M-League. He also touched on the “forgotten: Road Map of FAM that was drawn up by Robert Alberts in 2006. 
Kindly note that this was an exclusive interview and please watch the video for more. Those who want to use the quotes are requested to quote this blog as the source. However feel free to contact the blogger for special arrangements on lifting rights.
Excerpts of the interview are as follows:
On HRH Sultan to step down:
“Tuanku Sultan has done to the best of his ability. He may not be the super President but he has kept us together all this while.
On the AFF Cup Performance:
“I cannot speak on behalf of the coach.”
On the Road Map of FAM in 2006:
“Did not adopt the Road Map drawn up by Robert Albert in 2006. It is the administration that has to answer. My time has expired to review that Road Map.”
Possibility of Taking Over as FAM President:
“I shall not be the candidate. Don’t think I should be the candidate. The call for change is to get a new man. But let’s cross the bridge when we come to it.”
The new MSL Season:
“Pros and cons about the big money. Players are happy so we are happy. But they must be able to perform. The ceiling cap on salaries was not effective thus done away with.”