Tenpin Bowling: Syaidatul overcomes personal loss to return to the lanes.

Syaidatul Afifah Badrul Hamidi makes heads turn, be it at the bowling alley or in real life.

The 28 year old , petite but athletic tenpin bowler is friendly despite her stern outlook.

A focussed individual who knows what she wants in life, the Ipoh lass is determined to leave her mark in Bowling.

Wearing the national badge with pride, her determination to bounced back from an enforced break ought to be an example for others to emulate .

The bowler went through a personal tragedy while on the enforced break but being with her family cope with her loss.

Below she shares a candid interview on her aim and vision as well as her nervousness in facing her first day training with the rest of her team mates on Monday.

MS: When was the last time you blazed the lanes with the bowling ball?

SA: 17th March was the last I bowled and ever since 18th march when the MCO started I was no longer Bowling.

MS:, Is this your longest period not bowling in your entire career?

SA: Nope as the longest was in 2018 when I had to rest for 4 months due to a back injury.

MS; How odd will it be for you as you step up to the alley today ( Monday) ?

SA: Definitely will be odd especially when I have to start with one step(normally it 5 steps) which is the basic in bowling and have to start throwing the ball slow to avoid getting pain on my hand or injury.

MS: If you were not a bowler, what would you have been in life?

SA: Businesswoman or a TV presenter

MS: You went through a personal loss, the death of your grandfather. How did you cope with it?

SA: This is the saddest part after i lost my handicap uncle. My grandfather is like my father, I was brought up together with him since I stayed together with my grandfather and parents since I was a baby until I turned 19 years old after which I had to move to KL for training. He support me a lot since my schooling days and was my number 1 supporter throughout my career. Each time I go for a competition he would ask me to sit in front of him and he recite the doa and kiss my forehead before I left for the tournament . But I believe he will always pray for me no matter where he is now.

MS: What are your short and long term goals in bowling?

SA: I always want to perform the best and make my nation proud and one day become world single champion.

MS: Is there any country you are looking forward to visit, one that you have not done in your bowling career and why?

SA: So far I have travel a lot for bowling and I managed to go to the place that I wanted the most , that is when competing in USA for the professional women world bowling association.

MS: Development in bowling is centered around parents interest. How would you promote Bowling if given a chance?

SA: Bowling is a world class sport. Since I was in the national team bowling has never failed to deliver medals for the country. Also I would also encourage the parents to support their kids to bowl as bowling can ensure a good future.

MS: Many claim that bowling is a parkour sport, where one can eat, drink and have a good time. Your opinion on this?

SA: Yes I do agree bowling is a leisure spot. But if one takes in a serious way it can be a profession.

MS: When do you see yourself retiring and walking down the aisle instead of looking down a bowling lane?

SA; As long I am in a good physical condition and mentally strong, I will still bowl and at the same time I’m planning move family business real soon as a career after my Bowling days are over.