The 3 in 1 of Sports

At times I wonder, is the 3 in 1 concept just about refreshments or has it now muscled its way into sports.
The reason being there are far too many cases of one person trying to be the jack of all trades when in actual fact is a master of none.

I always believed or rather wanted to believe that sports was non political, meaning the adage of politics being dirty was bear left to the Politicians.

But now I dare say the the politics is sports is dirtier that politics itself.

Back to the 3 in 1 philosophy – we are often served with news where the expert opinion is often sidelined as the leaders tend to think that they know what is best for the sport.

One cannot be the judge, jury and the executioner and this has become evident in sports today.

If there was an issue that one person wears too many hats, as in holding positions in too many sports bodies, then what is the difference when one person holds several portfolios in the sports body?

This is the case with many of the sports bodies at present, where the element of ” we” is eroded and the word ” I” seems to be making its mark.

Gone are the days when decisions are made on consensus, discussions and in a democratic way.

Today our sports scene is filled by leaders who are not only autocratic but at the same time feel that they or their sports cannot be criticised.

Threats, coercion,blackmail, inducements, junkets, goodies – these are some ways used to muzzle the media from reporting the truth.

Some have been verbally abused, taken to court and even been removed just for stating the obvious – which is the truth and it can be hurting if it’s true.

Gone are the days when two individuals could sit on the same table to iron out their issues, for that kind of gentlemanly conduct is a fairy tale these days.

Leadership of a sports body means accepting inclusiveness, bridging the gap between factions, being decisive not divisive and above all having the interest of the sport as a whole at heart.

But in all honesty many are sincere but are led astray by their so called trusted lieutenants that have their own agenda to serve,

Anyway back to the 3 in 1 concept, we need to start asking the correct questions – and to do that one needs to be street smart, needs to be able to weed the truth from the fiction and to learn if unaware of a subject matter.

I wish that sports leaders are not afraid of stating the obvious as hiding the truth always leads to a pandora box being opened.

So the question that begs to be answered – who do the foreign experts leave this country after a few years of service?

The answer is simple and obvious.

They either were put on a pedestal by our sports leaders who later realise that not all that give colourful presentations actually know what to do, or that they are soon “ Malaysianised” therefore become as lackadaisical as the locals, with the “ tidak apa” attitude taking over.

So let’s not kid ourselves by blatantly using the word professionalism in sports, when in actual fact it is just about cronyism, nepotism and favouritism .