The constitution of any organisation is sacred and ought to be followed. No matter what my learned friend from the Olympic Council of Malaysia might say, I tend to disagree with the notion that if one holds the majority then the other party must step aside. There is nothing wrong with fighting for a just cause, no matter if the situation looks bad.

Just look at what is happening in MBSF, where there is no respect for the Sports Development Act 1998.

My simple advice to the Minister of Youth and Sports, use the powers vested in you to declare MBSF as irrelevant and if the OCM dare do so on the grounds of not just being seen to do justice but doing justice, lets dissolve MBSF, do as what was done for Taekwando, and call for a fresh body to be set up.

And while all of this is still being pondered, I wonder why there has been no call be the Minister to revert this matter to the Sports Advisory Panel.

Read on the various letters written that cast aspersions on the powers and duties as well as sincerity of the Sports Commissioner. Let there be a thorough investigation and till then Hon. Minister, use your powers and suspend the MBSF.