Fascinating is just one word to describe the ongoings in Terengganu as word has it that the spat between the FA and the coach Peter Butler will now head to the court of law.
And while all this is happening MACC has just announced that they have cleared the goalkeeper by virtue of a polygraph test conducted.
While not condoning the action of coaches/officials shooting off the cuff and claim bribery each time their team loses, in reality for the media its a sensational story. So I guess Terengganu FA too has some similiar “Article 88” hidden somewhere in their constitution to say that the Butler did it, in this case tarnishing their image, or whatever was left of it.
Butler should have long realised that fighting the mob culture will get him no where, and its now obvious to him that any attempt to raise the bar, in terms of discipline will be his folly.
So what next for Terengganu and Butler?
Since its a suspension, Butler has to resort to appealing the decision before moving in from the legal aspects. As for the FA, they have to honour their contract and pay Butler his dues based on the contract that runs till the end of 2013.
Now if any of your teams do badly, there is a way out, just blame it on the Butler…