The Corrupted Pendrive.

The Football Association of Malaysia, through its Secretary General Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin issued a press statement expressing relief that the matter of the pen drive was cleared by the MACC.
There had been speculations of abuse of power and corruption within documents in the pen drive but MACC found those allegations to be baseless.
Though the major issue has been clarified, FAM has two areas that it needs to address.
Firstly who leaked the internal document and secondly should the report be made public.
FAM is believed to have started an internal investigation into how a report marked confidential made its way out of Wisma FAM.
But it is the issue of making the contents public that FAM has to be cautious about.
Hamidin clarified that making contents of the technical report public must be done only after consultation with the FAM Exco.
” Only the Exco has the authority to decide as it is an internal document,” said Hamidin when contacted in Solo.
” I will bring this to the attention of the Exco.”
It is learnt that a major part of the technical report comes from the inquiry held after Malaysia lost 10-0 to UAE last year.
The Task Force chaired by Dato Mokhtar Ahmad had conducted several sessions of public interviews with various stakeholders.
Though it was at that material time recommended that the findings be made public but omitting names , FAM decided against it.
And the leaked report then became the cloak and dagger game as many went in for the kill, not realising that the content of the pen drive was merely daily issues affecting the national body.