The Day When Football Died in our country

It’s customary for Indians and Sikhs to give Deepavali a miss should there be a death within the funnily.

Last year I underwent this as my eldest nephew passed away at the age of 42 in London.

This year Deepavali falls on Saturday, 14th November.

Though there was no such unfortunate incident, I will still give Deepavali a miss.

This is in solidarity of Football Association of Malaysia as well as Malaysia Football Limited.

For they suffered a bitter blow when the National Security Council yanked the life out of whatever little there was left in our Football.

It was surely a decision that baffled many and frankly I dare say one of double standards

Poor football became the victim as they suffered the ignominy of losing the battle for survival when the big shots, who probably have inverted toes and never kicked a ball in their lives, yanked the plug on the Malaysia Cup who were trying to stay alive hooked to a life support, or better still a ventilator since March.

To be fair FAM/MFL provided all the Standard Operating Procedure to complete the 7 matches left to crown the Malaysia Cup champions.

But no, the NSC was of the opinion it was too risky despite the proposal being one f quarantined based.

I wish to seek clarifications from NSC on this:

1. Are you even aware that some 50 social media matches have been taking place in Klang Valley with no Football cluster reported?

2. How is it that at the peak of the pandemic when the country was under MCO that Athletes were allowed to train at Bukit Jalil as they are presently and there was contact sports sports?

3. In one hand “ quarantine based “ is permitted but football is denied, what your reasoning?

4. Football depends on competitions to earn money from sponsors, and no competitions mean no money, even now having to pay a price for it, a sum close to RM10 million. So why couldn’t NSC be reasonable?

5. The state FA’s and clubs will suffer a devastating financial blow, so care to offer a Bantuan Prihatin to football, Luke say RM10 million which is loose chance compared to JASA receiving RM80 million.

6. Being an ardent Liverpool Fan, one would expect Finance Minister ti understand the financial and commercial complications of FAM and MFL plus the possibility of liquidation.

7. Back to public transport, care to join me this Saturday Health DG and Senior Minister, please bring Wee Ka Siong along and let’s enjoy the sardine atmosphere in the Komuter always NS teas of the full blast comfort of your office and see the risk is higher then a Football match.

While we all are concerned about safety and want to prevent a Football cluster. Sure we must also be concerned if the 320 players and officials who will lose their income .

What are they going to do? All ply for Brim?

I am a 6 year dialysis patient and in the Budget we received nothing, no increase of the RM130 ( for NGO and RM150 for private centres) substance from Socso and god knows when was the last review and here we are putting footballers on the street.

Let’s be practical NSC, let them be lay and at least from the gloom and doom we often hear in DG beefing, at least for 90 minutes we are entertained like Bollywood movies and living in fantasy.

What say you NSC, an impassioned plea a handicap that’s legally blind with none toes and two un functioning kidneys.