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Having started this website with a hope and a prayer, life has been tough as it has been a journey riddled with roadblocks and sabotage. With virtually no funding, and the last minute pullout by the title sponsors of the MHL – Tenaga Nasional Berhad, due to the fact that the MHF Deputy President had instructed them not to award the website to this administrator.

Efforts were then made to secure other sponsors for the website and we were fortunate that UniKL-TRC and KL Hockey Club agreed to come abroad as partners for this website. And the efforts continued to seek another sponsor and one of the teams agreed initially, on December 18. But on December 31, we were informed by that said club that a key MHF official (not the Deputy President) had told them not to support this website.

So in order to be fair to UniKL-TRC and KLHC, we took the sacrifice to terminate our arrangement with them, hence their banner adverts will be removed so as to signify the end of the working relationship. We would like to make it clear that the termination of the agreement was done not by the clubs, but by the administrators of the website, so as to prevent the key MHF official to take advantage of the situation and punish the teams.

So where now from here? Well without financial support, it is difficult to run the website as it has been run over the past month. We will in no uncertain terms close this website, but things like post match stories (which my dear friends from the media have picked up without even giving us the due credit) will cease. We will update on an irregular basis as it is not viable to do it on a daily basis.

Putting sand in the rice bowl of others seems to be a stand adopted by this key MHF official. But one thing is certain – it is not greed that made us put up this website in the first place. We did it because we love hockey. We did it because we can do things better then you. We did it because putting it simply, you are not able to do it.

So, we will move along, though not on a pace that many of you will like, but stick with us for it is here that you will get some decent coverage and information (if made available) to us. Thanks for your support readers, for without you we are nothing.