“The ancient work will be accomplished, and from the roof evil ruin will fall on to the great man. Being dead, they will accuse an innocent of the deed, the guilty one hidden in the misty woods.” 

Prophet and astrologer Nostradamus has captivated the imaginations of many generations through his cryptic predictions that seem to have an uncanny accuracy.  

The above was his prediction with regards to the murder of John F. Kennedy.

Why bring this up? Well the prophecy somewhat relates to the investigations with regards to the foul-up in the arrangement of the so-called international friendlies with a club side from Zimbabwe.

One person is being blamed for the episode and the fact that his number appears in the phonebook of the chief suspect of the match fixing affair does not mean that he is involved. 

The FIFA people have come and done a PR exercise in Malaysia by saying that all is well, read the other reports on Singapore where they said that the island is a role model for the fight against match fixing hence their decision to set up their HQ to fight match fixing there.

Read in between the lines and you will understand, no need to hide in the misty woods….