The Nation Bleeds

The political turmoil in the country will surely have an adverse effect on sports.

Many have paid tribute to the current sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican for his ability to adapt quickly to his portfolio when first appointed as the Minister in March.

Over the period of only eight months, DS Reezal has managed to take the bill by its horn, made changes, significant but not enough.

His ability in hand Ku the Covid 19 matters as far as sports were concerned was exemplary , introducing the various stages of return to sports as well as providing financial assistance to some 3,000!-589!-“, state, district, club based sports was remarkable.

DS Reezal also initiated a Task Force for the betterment of the Podium Program but its results are yet to be announced.

A meeting of the National Football Development Program is scheduled for October 27 and several changes for the betterment of the NFDP is expected to be announced..

But while it’s been a good run so far, there are several more pressing matters that DS Reezal needs to finish up should the present government be changed.

Top must is his plan to introduce a nation wide talent identification program from Standard One to Form 1 school children.

Also pending is his plan to introduce a specific development program for seven other sports, in additional to the current four, NFDP, NHDP, NRDP and JXM.

DS Reezal also needs to put into place the plan for the next cycle of preparations for the three multi sports events, the 2021 SEA Games, 2022 Commonwealth and Asian Games, all which have been long overdue as the custodian NSC merely holds workshops after workshops with no one pan prepared.

One thing that DS Reezal needs to fix is giving the autonomy of sports back to its stakeholders – the national sports associations.

Currently NSC wields too much power as they play the judge, jury and executioner in a lop sided system just because they hold the purse strings

Take that away and perhaps a more transparent and accountable system in place with joint decisions being made.

The current system that NSC is proud of, the JKK system is flawed as its “ we talk, you listen” approach.

For some who have also sent in the Jawatankuasa Bantuan, it’s clear funding is based on friendly party and not friendly party.

Is there transparency here? Are there independent members who give honest views or just division directors who fear for their positions rather then the sports?

The NSX is poorly managed, whether DS Reezal likes to hear this or not.

In his 8 months so far the Minister has yet to meet the NSA’s together although he has met many of them on different occasions, a far better effort then the last Sports Minister ( Whats his name again).

So while the political masters continue to play “tai chi”, I believe the sports fraternity wants DS Reezal to stay in his current portfolio, what ever type of government is unveiled.

As a “ pendatang” since I am third generation, my heart bleeds for the political immaturity of the politicians in the country.

All you guys think of is your political survival and jostling for positions.

Frankly most politicians lack political maturity as they try to put manoeuvre each other in this game of seats.

Let’s be known that UMNO are the real talented and expert players as they have been at it for the past 60 odd years.

Solve this impasse now, not yesterday, not tomorrow.

We as the people on the street are fed up with your childish approach towards the safety of the citizens as Covid Ravages the national.

And let’s have common sense prevail for once or another emergency rule as in 1969 will be enforced and those of us who went through that phase know how tough life can be.

Sit down and talk, and if you think you have not enough chairs, take a drive to Tampin where I will host you all.

Just throw aside the greed and poses jostling. The citizens of this beloved country are suffering.