The PKNS – Selangor FA Saga- who is the culprit?

The million dollar question that begs an answer is just who misled Selangor PKNS?

This question arises after it was revealed by an insider that in actual fact the whole issue concerning Selangor FA and PKNS was in actual fact created by ab individual and had in reality nothing to do with the internal squabble concerning Selangor FA.

One needs to understand the regulations in place in the M- League to understand the situation better.

The rules clearly state that clubs need to get consent/approval from the state FA before competing in any national tournament.

As a matter of fact FAM goes through its affiliates to correspond with clubs, respecting the line of authority instead of dealing directly. This is in line with the FAM constitution.

Back to entries for the 2017 M League, rightfully the invites ought to be channeled through the state FA’s and not directly to the concerned clubs.

Not only that, any entry of subsequent confirmation needs to be endorsed by the state FA and neither FAM or FMLLP can accept a direct entry.

So was PKNS given a wrong impression that they could submit a direct entry,thus snowballing a internal conflict into a major one as certain parties took advantage of an internal squabble to throw in a spanner?


FAM should get to the bottom of the matter and hold an investigation if PKNS was being misled into doing this.


The closing date is November 30, but this non issue could have been resolved much earlier.

Should Selangor FA decide to haul this matter to court, someone needs to answer, so best own up now and stop meddling into state affairs.