The staff at the Badminton Association of Malaysia are under scrutiny by the former treasurer of the association, Peter Yeow on what they know with regards to some units at BAM Villa that it seems still belong to the association.
Checks by the now sacked Hon. Secretary Ganga Rao over the past few months revealed that some of the units were actually still registered under the ownership of BAM and the Exco was briefed with regards to the findings.
It seems that the total value runs to figures amounting to RM6 million and could well be one of the reasons being engineered to justify the decision to remove Ganga. And one senior BAM Exco member I spoke to wants Nadzmi to call for an Exco Meeting before the Thomas Cup to get to the bottom of the matter.
Someone is hiding facts here. Ganga deserves to go if Nadzmi has lost te confidence in him. But procedures must be followed. Nadzmi appointed Ganga with consent from the Council after the last BAM AGM. So by convention, shouldn’t he now explain to the same Council why he lost confidence in his man barely four months later?
The crux of the matter is the ING sponsorship, so in order to be fair and transparent, why not reveal the minutes of the meeting that decided on the sponsorship in the first place. I ave a copy of the minutes and will publish it in due course. But I await the reasons as to why the gentlemens agreement between Nadzmi and Ganga early this month was broken via an email?
It will be good if BAM President Datuk Nadzmi reveals as to why Ganga was sacked and not opt to hide the details, as written in The Malay Mail today.
As a corporate personality, he should not use remarks like Ganga was a junior officer in BAM when I appointed him, mind you Ganga was already holding a senior position when Nadzmi took over BAM.
If Ganga was the junior officer, so what is Peter Yeow today? Chairman of the BAM Disciplinary Board, since he is conducting investigations?
Suffice to say, punish Ganga if there is proof, you have sacked him, so why hide the details Nadzmi? But let’s come clean on the BAM Villa issue, the ING sponsorship, the television deal, the debts of NSC to BAM, the ambitious official within BAM who aspires for bigger things.

Nadzmi keps mum about Ganga

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 12:56:00
SEPANG: BA of Malaysia (BAM) president Datuk Nadzmi Salleh failed to disclose the reason behind the sacking of P. Ganga Rao as the honorary secretary.
Nadzmi, who returned home this morning after receiving medical treatment in Germany, told reporters at the KL International Airport:
“When I appointed Ganga Rao (as secretary) while he was only a junior officer, I didn’t give any reason. So I guess I’ll live to that (by not mentioning the reason for his sacking),” said Nadzmi.
“I know you (the Media) have heard a lot of things. I’m not going to talk about them for now.”
Over the “soured” sponsorship deal with insurance giants ING Insurance, Nadzmi added: “Proton will be the main sponsors for now. Further negotiations will be held with ING after the Thomas Cup.