The Sports Budget – The Real Figures

Contrary to what was briefed to the national sports associations ( NSA) after several checks with parties directly involved in determining the Budget for the national sports council ( NSC) the following details were uncovered.

Which now leads to questions as to why these details were not revealed and why those handling the briefing were not transparent to the stakeholders of sports in the country.

Mind you there were many leaders of NSA present at the briefing.

Yes these leaders have a responsibility towards their sports and should not be dependent on money from the Ministry, but the money from the KBS is tax payers funds and if allocated, these NSA’s are entitled to it.

Hence for those not familiar with running a sports body, they ought to go serve in once to see the real challenges these leaders face.

For the National Sports Institute, the entire operating Budget is fixed at RM15 million for 2019, which is inclusive of salaries and utilities of the institute.

This figure has been the same ever since NSI was separated from NSC , save for one year when it was reduced to RM12 million.

However there is no Budget allocated for any development programs by NSI except for ongoing programs that are funded directly and come under the purview of the Ministry of Youth and Sports ( KBS).

As for the NSC, it is learnt that a total sum of RM88 million has been set aside for salaries, incentive payments, maintaining of buildings/infrastructure inclusive of funding for Junior Cycling Malaysia, National Football Development Program, National Rugby Development Program

As for sports specifics, a sum of RM100 million has been allocated for development and excellence in sports.

This 100 million is to be utilised for the Podium Program, senior or elite Athletes preparations for the 2019 SEA Games, 2019 ASEAN Para Games, 2020 Olympic and Paralympic, 2022 Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Para Games as well as national youth development programs for stars levels in both Para and able bodied sports.

The RM100 million is to also cover the salaries of coaches, Athletes allowances, sports science support as well as medical services plus training exposure, competition participation , provision of equipment/attire/training facilities .

Over and above the Budget from the federal government, the NSC also receives a yearly contribution from Sports Toto said to be in the region of RM20 million per year.

All these findings however are not inclusive of any infrastructure provision as that comes directly from the Ministry on a need to do basis and depending on Budget and allocations.

NSC also receives income from the rental of its facilities.

Now one can safely assume that the NSC and NSI receive a combined income of RM 223 million, not inclusive of rentals, or other undisclosed incomes.

With some 200 contract staff from NSC and 100 from NSI who will see an end to their services, the yearly emolument expenditure could well see a reduction from the original RM11 million for NSC and RM8 million of NSI being reduced by half.

However many national sports associations have yet to receive their 2018 reimbursements such as BAM, SRAM, MAF, MTBC, OCM as well as no incentive payment has been made for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Jakarta Asian and Para Games and this outstanding figure could well reach RM20 million.

On the top of the a sum of RM17 million was needed from October to December to fulfil the payments of allowances, salaries, exposure for the Podium Athletes still under contract.

Hence it was not being transparent that riled up the sports community.

And we shall await the release of the 2017 and 2018 audited accounts to see where the money went.

In order to be fair, perhaps the NSC should release figures allocated and spent by sports so that everyone can be clear on this matter,

Having the “ bengkel “ on November 13/14 ought to be postponed in order to allow national sports associations to review their expenditure over the past 3 years for them to come up with better programs that are result orientated.

Food for thought NSC as being transparent is better then allowing speculation to fest.

And let’s all sit back, relax, have a dip in the bath tub, reflect on things, move on in life.

Not like some who live in glass houses and undress in broad daylight.