After having read the statement issued by Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, I penned down several questions and emailed them to the Football Association of Malaysia Deputy President to seek his views on the subject matter as his statement was interesting and an eye opener to many who were intrigued by this sordid affair.
The questions ranged from the legality of the second charge preferred against Tan Sri Annuar Musa, the FAM Constitution, the Disciplinary Code and if there was such a thing as Deputy President 1 and 2 within the ambit of the FAM constitution.
The reply I received from HRH to the email I sent to HRH was in short –
“interesting questions, will KIV answers as can contravene Article 88, hope you understand, allow me to digest first.”
( Am not publishing the reply as did not seek for permission to put it up on the blog )
That was a honest answer and Article 88 no doubt is akin to what ISA was/is. The fact that Tengku Abdullah actually took time off his busy schedule to respond was good enough for me.
But the media release by Tengku Abdullah contravenes Article 88 as he made a statement and in the process has questioned the legality of the six months punishment for going against his advice as stated and not directive as TSAM was charged.
So now we shall await with abated breath if Tengku Abdullah is to face the wrath of Article 88.
One thing is certain, the media release by Tengku Abdullah was truthful and was spoken as a true footballing person who has the best interest of the sport at heart.
Now if only others can see things the way Tengku Abdullah does and share his vision in promoting football in the country.
How we yearn for more maturity in dealing with matters that can destroy all the good work put in by leaders with exemplary vision.