Perhaps it can be called divine intervention as Malaysia exited the Sudirman Cup last night, going down 3-2 to Germany, an unimaginable defeat to a foe, if one could call them that.

The defeat is so bitter to swallow given the fact that our players are ranked above the Germans in the BWF rankings and in Malaysian sports history it is a black spot, akin to Malaysia losing to Korea in Sepak Takraw a few years ago.

Divine intervention because it was a clear message of punishment from god to the powers that be in the administrative and executive structure of BAM that they have collectively failed the nation and thus should walk the plank, if they were in the navy.

Excuses will be a plenty, from blaming the players, coaches and so forth, but the crux of the matter is Malaysia failed to make the last eight for the first time since promoted to the elite division in 2005.

It all started when BAM neglected the needs and requirements of the domestic scene as their top leader went on to make a pact so that he could come out smelling like roses in the quest for world badminton supremacy off the court.

A coup was conducted to remove a legitimately elected BAC President in March, underhand tactics used to prevent legitimate delegates into the BAC AGM in Taiwan and culminating with the defeat of an Asian candidate in the race for BWF Presidency.

All in the name of Asian solidarity, something that the Malaysian media was guilty of over playing when it was clear that Asian disunity was the margin of defeat when votes were tallied in the BWF Presidential elections.

It is simple, there has been a systematic process of elimination of players within the BAM stable and using team events to boost the points of players within their stable to ensure that only their favorite sons make the grade.

So the notion of the best representing Malaysia is a farce, so much so that not only are there skeletons in the cupboard in terms of on the court misgivings but this has spread to even giving out lucrative contracts to selected individuals for their support off the court as some key officials continue to cling on to power.

The time has come to dissolve BAM, really that is the best solution. A sport that is courted by the top leaders in the country has today brought shame to a nation that was the world leader of the sport.

While Malaysia is responsible, or rather BAM solely, is the key reason why an European today is BWF President, we have gone one step further by even letting the European beat us on the court.

So if there is a semblance of dignity left within those administrating the sport, then please UBAH, by resigning today and not prolong the misery. For 12 years we have heard the excuses, the promises, so much so we have puked many a time.

The writing is on the wall, get out now….