This one is for you Malaysia – Lee Chong Wei

In an exclusive phone interview from Rio this morning, Dato Lee Chong Wei shared his thoughts of the match against Lin Dan, the upcoming final against Chen Long and why tears flowed freely down his cheeks after the epic clash against Lin Dan.
” It was to me a fantastic match against Lin Dan and the pressure was tremendous that I just let it out after the match. I just could not control my emotions as I carried on my shoulders the burden of an entire nation. Frankly I feel relieved after that and now I feel much lighter after making the final.
” Lin Dan was gracious in defeat and wished me well for the final, a true champion he gave me a hug and said that I deserved the win.
” Is there additional pressure on me to win the final now that we failed in the mixed doubles and men’s doubles? Well we all are sad that we did not get gold from that two events but I salute the pairs for making the final. It was just not meant to be and having been there twice I know how gut wrenching it is.
” Physically I am in a good condition despite the epic clash in the semis and am looking forward for the final.
” Playing morning matches actually works out fine for me as I have trained in mornings all my life, it’s just that it’s a tougher morning training session for me against Chen Long in the final.
” My Wife and kids have been my pillar of strength and while the youngest does not understand what the euphoria is all about, my eldest boy Kingston is well aware of it.
” I will sit through a video session tonight with my team to analyse the Chen Long match and come up with a game plan,
” The planning started 4 years ago after my defeat at Wembley in the 2012 Olympic Final and this is it as far as I am concerned.
” I will give it my very best and I know that every Malaysian will be rooting for me, I promise not to let you down. I have tasted defeat twice before and this time I want the gold, not for me, not for my family, not for Badminton but for every Malaysian.
” Let’s pray that this time things will be different and we get to hear the “Negaraku” being played for the first time at the Olympics.
” This one is for you Malaysia.”