Thomas, Uber Cups: Let Players Decide

The Badminton Association has f Malaysia are in a Catch 22 situation as so far as the Thomas and Uber Cup are concerned.

On one hand there was S this argument that Malaysia should withdraw due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the fact that other nations like Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Australia have withdrawn.

So the argument was s further enhanced by statements like even if we win, it will be no big shout since top countries were not present.

So that these critics claim will take the shine away from any potential victory in Denmark.

And on the other hand many campion sending a team and try to wrest the title.

So what the depleted field, that’s a choice those who withdrew so far or any that may withdraw.

Denmark has given the assurance of safety measures and while no one can guarantee no infections, ultimately its a choice to be made by the players.

I am certain that BAM has given the choice to the players – to go or not to go.

If the players make the decision to go, then we should respect that decision.

And if they decide otherwise, then BAM will surely withdraw.

An individual could get infected anywhere, no matter what safety standards are in place.

Ever taken public transport?

I speak through experience, there is no such thing as social distance in the Komuter trains or LRT.

At time like this when frequency of trains should be increased, it has been largely reduced.

So much so I am prepared to call for the resignation of the Minister of Transport Dato Wee Ka Siong who has failed the Malaysian public.

Has the Minister ever visited KL Sentral where the escalators are more frequently under repair then the number of Komuters that ply the Tampin route?

And care to tell us why lay tracks all the way to Gemas when the trains have stopped running that route.

A case of millions wasted and do not blame PH as it’s PN that stopped then from running that route.

Back to Badminton.

Really it’s a no brainer arguing should the team go or not is still a premature argument.

In the words of the Youth and Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican ,” There is still time before making the final call, so let’s wait and see,” said DS Reezal,

Hence everyone should just stop speculating or giving their arguments as it’s the players that ultimately decided should we go or not.

More important today is to clamp down on sports that are not adhering to the SOP’s in place for the return to sports.

There are blatant indiscretions and this is where the authority in charge – the Sports Commissioners Office need to reveal just how many have actually applied and received approvals to organise tournaments.

Pull the plug on those who defy regulations and throw the book at then until December 31 if any flout rules at the risk of starting a sports cluster.

That should be our priority, fighting it at home instead of worrying what Denmark should or should not do.