Time to revive Merdeka Tournament FAM

It’s time that the Football Association of Malaysia look towards reviving the Merdeka Tournament.

Last held in 2013, that too for U23, the time is perfect to re-ignite the tournament as it would not only revive good footballing memories but also help improve our rankings in world football.

With a 10 day FIFA window available in September, it will also serve as a perfect way to prepare our national team for the upcoming AFF Cup later in the year.

FAM could consider running it on its own instead of privatising it to companies who are only out to make a quick buck instead of nation building.

A four nation Merdeka Tournament will be a good start and corporate fiends like Air Asia, CIMB, Berjaya, Naza, TNB ought to seriously look at funding what was once Asia’s pride of a tournament.

In order to add credibility as well as to improve our international ranking, the following teams could be invited.

99 – India

113 – Vietnam

134 – Chinese Taipei

140 – Yemen

142 – Myanmar

145 – Hong Kong

150 – Maldives

For that matter even teams like Philippines ought to be considered and work towards making this a reality ought to start now, not wait until FAM holds its Congress in July.

With the M- League not taking a break during the FIFA World Cup, coach Tan Cheng Hoe will not have time to play quality matches over the 10 day period if the team needs to travel overseas,

And the fact that the Merdeka Tournament is a key element of our success in the past it should be used as a catalyst to revive our football fortunes.