True friends stand up and be counted

A week has passed since I underwent a foot operation.

The operation, which was to be a routine one to stop an infection on my pressure point on my left poor that was last operated in four years ago, ended up being more complicated.

During the operation, it was found that the infection had affected part of my bones and part of the metatarsals had to be removed.

For more then a week my foot was attached to a vacuum to enable healing process and thankfully the would started drying ip well.

Next is to contain the bone infection and this is where it he s a bit more complicated.

Being a dialysis patient, it means that I cannot be prescribed antibiotics without the advice of my Kidney doctor.

After getting the list of antibiotics I can safely take for the next three months, I now have to see an orthopaedic specialist to determine which of the list of antibiotics will best help my bone infection on my foot.

Wait, it does not just end there, this procedure needs careful monitoring over next three months at least by the kidney specialist and orthopaedic.

Now just to recall, the past week , rather longer and the problems started just before Hari Raya has been trying tines for me.

With “ family” support being non existent, I had to rely on friends to see through this difficult time.

Post operation was difficult as I had to take along the vacuum machine wherever I went. Even being in the house was tough as my movement was limited.

And just imagine I had to go for dialysis in the midst of all this as well as follow ups post operation,

It was sheer mental toughness that has helped me. Despite the adversity I faced on the “ family” front, the desire to live was far stronger .

I must thank several individuals who assisted me during this period – for they were there when it mattered most, either in person or giving me moral and mental support and showing genuine concern towards my concern when not even one so called “ family” member actually visited me let alone showed any concern, with the exception of my Sister in London.

So I thank you from the bottom of my heart – Arul Selvaraj, Daljit Singh, Maninderjit Singh, Dato Ow Soon Kooi, Azim ( PPUM), K. Maheswari and Dato Dr. Ramlan Aziz , Melvin Chia and Tony Mariadass as these infected visuals were there when I was in need.of assistance.

These are true friends that can be relied on when the chips are down

This Saturday marks the fifth anniversary of my Mum”s passing.

I normally host a lunch at my Tampin home for a few of my Mum”s close friends but this time around I have no “ home” to host it, but the show will go on, despite having to vacate my house and my medical condition.

My hope and prayer is that Mum is happy wherever she is right now and she is at peace with what I am going through.

The past four years have been tough, having lost all my Hockey related jobs due to the “ greed” and “ politics” in the sport, but God is watching and Karma will eventually strike.

It is only a matter of time, trust me.