UAE moves, Kim Swee optimistic of chances

With the change of grouping for the Asian Games Football competition, this opens up several possibilities for coach Dato Ong Kim Swee.

A re-draw was done for two teams, UAE and Palestine following the withdrawal of Iraq.

These two teams were only slotted into two groups a few days ago as the fifth team.

UAE ended up in the same group as Malaysia.

However the redraw saw UAE moving to fill the slot of Iraq.

This means that there will be either a change of fixtures or only the game against UAE omitted.

“ I have two options, depending on the fixtures,” said Kim Swee when contacted in China.

“ It largely depends on when our first match is as our travel plans are depending on the fixtures.

“ If we only open our campaign later, then I will propose we return to KL from China and have one more friendly match before departing for Bandung

“ So let us wait for the fixtures to be rtm eased before deciding.”

Should Malaysia be required to play as scheduled on August 10, then the original plans to travel to Bandung from China will be maintained.

“ However If we are to start after the 12, then it’s best we return to KL hold more training sessions at home,” added Kim Swee.

“ Of course with UAE moving it gives is a fairer chance of making it to the next round.”