National athletic coach Harun Rashid has made a statement that NSC have not paid him for several months.
But it is learnt that the Badminton Association of Malaysia too have not paid their High Performance Director Dato James Selvaraj since the ex international took up the position on a part-time basis since September 1 last year.
And to rub salt to the wounds, the position will be advertised after the BAM Exco meets on August 20.
The irony is that BAM President Dato Nadzmi Salleh had stated that James was the best candidate for the job when he was first appointed and even reiterated this fact some three weeks ago when it was reported that BAM were looking for a full-time person to assume that position.
Attempts to get James to talk here in London have failed and with BAM Deputy President Dato Mohd Al Amin flying into London this morning, this blog will attempt to unplug the mystery.
Is there any truth to another former international Kwan Yoke Meng taking up the position this renewing the partnership with Al Amin as was the case when the latter was BAM Secretary and led to the infamous 2000 debacle?
The common practice in BAM today is to refer everything to the Council, as is stated in the many issues brought up this far.
But if the High Performance Director position is advertised, then the BAM President stands accused of telling a white lie when stating that James was the right person.
And on James part, will he be willing to leave his lucrative position in Bata to take up the position in BAM full-time?
These are questions to be answered and hopefully BAM and James will answer them in London as the nation awaits it’s first world champion.