Below is a Press Release from BAM. I am carrying this solely because I have much respect for the Development Chairman of BAM, David Wee, who I believe is a person who is sincere in promoting the sport. At least he does not speak with a forked tongue nor has he perfected that art of backstabbing others.
While one applauds the effort, the language could have been better since an educationalist is in charge…

BAM is pleased to announce that it held a Seminar on State Development Programme from 23’d to 24th September 2011 at Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. The Seminar was attended by 22 representatives lrom 13 State BAs, consisting mainly of the State BAs’ secretaries, State BAs’ council members and coaches”
The objective of the Seminar is for BAM to inform State BAs’ representatives on tho policies, guidelines, administration, finance, training programmes and to gather feedback on different peculiarities of the states.
The Seminar consist of various sessions on planning, administraiion, finance, training prograrnmes, teaching of skills, technical courses, organising and participation in toumaments.
The opening of the Seminar was performed by BAM’s Chairman of the Development Committee, Mr. David Wee Toh Kiong and was closed by BAM’s Honorary Secretary, Mr” Ng Chin Chai.
The Objectives of the State Development Programme are:- . To continue and enhance the existing State Development Programme partly funded by Majlis Suknn Negara (MSN), State Majlis Suknn Negeri and respective State BAs 
To give additional financial assistance to what MSN, State Majlis Sul”ttn Negeri and, BAM are giving currently to State BA To train a larger pool of players from age of 9 to 18 systematieally throughout the country 
To assist State BA to improve the level of coaching and where possible to standardise the training programme in all states To enhance the ability of players to be selected into the Bkt. Jalil Sports School and National Back-up Squads Players trained at State who are of higher quality will result in better performance ol national players at international tournaments eg. an Olympic Gold medalist or World Champion must start from the State.

The amount of grant allocated to Peninsular Malaysia States is RM125,600 per year and for
Sabah/Sarawak is RM131,000 per year. The total grant is RM1,643,600 and is to used for the
following expenses:-
1 fulltime coach for every State under BAM payroll Toumament participation in Junior Circuits, Junior Inter-Team and National Open Circuits Organising 2 state close age-group toumaments per year Organising Technical Official courses Other expenses such as courl rental, shuttlecocks, other coaches allowance, administration etc.
General training guidelines formulated:-
Optimum number of trainees per state:-
Under i0. 8boys& 6girls
Under 12 . 10boys& 8girls
Under 14 . 10 boys& 8 girls
Under 16 . 8 boys& 6 girls
Under 18 . 6 boys & 4 girls
Total 42 boys & 32 girls : 74 trainees

Under 10 to train 3 sessions a week Under 12 to U18 to train 5 sessions a week Training sessions should be 2-3 hours Training for players above 12 should include running and resistance (weights) training

At the closing of the Seminar, participants gave feedbacks and based on the feedbacks the following matters were decided:-
BAM will assist State BA to source for foreign coaches, especially Indonesian and Chinese Where available, the full-time coaches can assist in coaching in districts and coaching students in schools
State BA will organise Under 1 1, 13 and 1 5 age groups toumaments at the end of this year to select new talents to be absorbed into the Programme To hold a coaching workshop for full{ime coaches at the end of the year to enhance their knowledge
State coaches will be given opportunity for attachment with the National Training Centre or Bukit Jalil Sports School to gain more experience in coaching BAM to formulate a Training Manual for standardize training in all states Improve coordination between BAM and State administrators and coaches
Lastly, BAM wish to thank Maybank for its recent sponsorship of BAM which made this State Development Programme possible. The Programme will officially commence in October 2011.