We talking medals before athletes decided!

It used to be enriching attending press conferences at OCM.

Out of sheer curiosity and despite poor health conditions, I went for such and event after the SEA Games Federation Secretariat meeting for the 31st SEA Games which was moved from 2021 to 2022.

After the OCM President Tan Sri Norza Zakaria went through the decisions taken at the meeting and briefed the members of the media, it was opened for a Q&A session.

It’s now pertinent to note no dates were fixed for the 31st SEA Games except that it will be in May next year.

That gives around 7 months to draw up a conditioning program for the athletes and to train.

But hold your horses, in July there is the Commonwealth Games and a month later the Asian Games.

And one needs to remember that the entire April will be the month of Ramadhan which means that Hari Raya will be in early May, barely giving time to the athletes to celebrate.

But no one, not even the courts jester asked such pertinent questions such as the type of athletes to be sent to SEA Games, development, elite or those on their tail end of the career .

Rather the Chef De Mission Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad was posed a question about medal target.

Has mas come too early for some who never think before getting obsessed with this medal frenzy thing always highlighted by a self nomination award winning journalist who as the Malays say has “ no modal” but creates a ruckus akin to our parliament sessions where nothing tangible is raised and debated.

Medal target – who on heavens earth will think of that even before the OCM Selection Committee meets?

Why this silly and downright stupid approach ?

Hence after he PC ended, I called out Tan Sri Norza to seek some answers,

He obliged and we got down to talking .

So Tan Sti this plates right into your hand in looking towards youth to the fore?

“ In a way it does as now the national sports associations need to decide what kind of athletes that want to nominate to the Selection Committee,” Norza replied with a smile.

“ When we had one to one sessions with the NSA’s last year and the plan was to expose juniors athletes all kind of brickbats were hurled at OCM.

“ The NSA’s are now in a lurch, stick to the seniors and rush their participation in the 2023 SEA Games or give the up NS coming ones the much needed exposure next year in Vietnam and go for gold in 2023.

Norza rightfully pointed out on the dates of the long list and entry by name in shortlisting candidates by NSA,S.

Perhaps a look back -at the gamble that Norza took after Jakarta Asiad 2018 , blood the young ones.

And cut the crap of medals chase s it’s Surat Khabar lama.