We will be back – Sanders and Harte

It was a memorable outing for two of the University Kuala Lumpur players – Sander De Wjin and David Harte as they helped the team create history by winn Ng their first silverware in senior level in Malaysian Hockey.

Below the duo share their thoughts with this blog on their experience in playing the MHL and what winn Ng the TNB Cup meant to them.


“ The win means, that despite having different cultures, it’s always possible to be on the same page.

That was proven once again as one does not need to have the best team to win.

By playing smart and with the right capicities, you have always have a chance to win!

For me Its my 6th major win and it means a lot!

Since 2015 I told myself that i want to play every year in a final,

And why this ambition?

Cause i put a lot of effort to beat a certain level and want to be remembered as a person who gave it everything for a team.

Halfway through the competition it was a bit hard, after having the experience of HIL that the malaysia league is different as it is about motivation and living for Sports.

After recognizing this I started to understand the concept more and enjoyed the last 2.5 weeks with the lads.

To be honest in the beginning I had a bit other concerns but not about the league,

It was about the lifestyle of the players as they earn a lot of money playing the sport.

In Holland Its different, But at the same time that was an eye opener.

Looking back, we had a great time, great succes, saw people really improving (keown, anga, aliq ect) and that was really nice to see and one of my own main priorities for the league.

Also to make it memorabele in that way! In the end i really enjoyed and would love to come back next year! “


“ To me the best save I pulled was the last one in the shootout as it will remain with me .

Having been beaten by the same opponent in the first round of shootout, it gave us an opportunity to secure the title in sudden death!

I would like to think I will return to UniKL but it all depends on the duration of next year’s competition and if UniKL would like to renew my services for the 2019 season –

I have personally really enjoyed my time here in Malaysia these past 6 weeks and was great to join up with my former coach Arul.”