Weep for Negri Hockey

Negri Sembilan used to be a hot bed for Hockey, a place where talented stars and coaches nurtured their skills before they went on to greater things in life.

It was, read carefully, was a state where so many national players were produced. To the extent that at tines it was more difficult making the Negri XI then the national teams.

And there were coaches galore, so many gifted coaches who had the time and tenacity to do development work.

All these were glory days of Negri Hockey, days when silverware was secondary, the hey days of blood, sweat and tears be it by coaches, players and officials.

Just what has happened to NSHA?

They hold their elections tomorrow with the new Menteri Besar at the helm.

Sadly he will never be told what’s wrong with Hockey in the state but be painted with a rosy picture.

For the information of the incoming President andDeputy President, what you are stepping into is nothin more then “ fantasy island”.

NSHA receives some RM250,000 from the state government , RM50,000 from the national body.

Yet they could not even assemble s team for the womens Sukma as well as the Razak Cup ( men and women).

Take a look at their age group trans, be it U14 orU16, and they ended up at the wrong end of the standings.

Not only that, they have even failed to organise the late Satgunam trophy, a tournament named after a man often regarded as an institution for Hockey in the country.

Satgunsm gave his life to Hockey, yet was never recognised by his own state, many of those currently holding positions at one time or another were under his administration.

Yes, the easy thing will be to get rid of deadwood at the elections.

But it’s easier said d then done.

The NSHA Constitution safeguards the current office bearers as they are given a vote.

So between then there are 9 votes and there are only 11 affiliates, many who do not even have a team in the competitions in the state.

Despite have 2 artificial pitches, there is no proper development program initiated by the state body, just one done by a private body who unfortunately lost the funding and right to use the pitch from the Municipal Council.

Three years ago when the hall of fame in NS was set up, in my speech I pleased with the powers that be to put Hockey back to where it belonged.

In the presence of elder statesman Lawrence van Huizen and William Fidellis, I challenged NSHA officials to win the Razak Cup we lady won in 1977.

But they did the right opposite, 40 years after that win by a side skippered by Michael Yen, NS withdrew from the Razak Cup.

This has to stop, the people of NS deserve better.

Where are your teams in the Malaysian Hockey League or Malaysian Junior Hockey Leagues?

Do not say you have no funding as a few years ago YNS has some 11 foreign players, spent half a million, yet delivered nothing.

Oh yes, you did win the National Veterans but what about the youngsters?

The noble thing would be to step aside, let others do the responsibility that you obviously could not handle.

But as I said, it’s a cartel, even to the extent everything is pre determined,orchestrated .

Alas if only you guys could have the same passion in the likes of the late Balasubramaniam, MT Limgam, Satgunam, Navaratnam, Sivapathsundram, Mustapha Kamil, Shanmugam ( PD).

Or have the likes of Oji, William,SK Pail, Alsgaratnam.

These are just a few officials.

But nothing will change, not when those who know they have failed, and miserably that too, continue to warm the seats of power.

When you lack passion, I feel sorry for my home state.

And while one reminiscence the glory days with a smile on the face. Only warm tears roll down our cheeks as we weep silently as to what NS Hockey has come to.