The major dailies today reported on another likely spat between BAM and independent players and it all boils down to sincerity.

The issue at hand is the various unreasonable conditions laid out by BAM for players to spar at BAM.

What is most ludicrous is that BAM will not allow the coaches of the players to be present and that the players must only wear Yonex attire.

Now why not BAM practice what they preach and can be liable for working against national interest.

For rightfully highlighted is the fact that when Denmark held a training and sparring camp here after the world champs last month, were their coaches prevented from going down onto the court or were they told to ditch their sponsors attire?

And above all, knowing that the Danes will be a team to be feared at the Junior World Champs at Taiwan next month, why are they allowed to get an insight to our training methods?

Is this a deliberate attempt by BAM to derail the hopes of Zulfadli Zulkifli at the world champs?

The fact that Zulfadli cannot have his father training him while sparring at BAM while foreigners get full support must surely be viewed seriously by the Minister or NSC DG.

And yes, while talking about promoting or looking after the interest of their sponsors by forcing independent players to wear only Yonex attire, can the BAM officials ensure that from their President downwards to Council members only turn up for meetings in Proton cars.

It is clear that BAM is a rudderless ship, sailing on it’s own without direction and are looking more like pirates on the high seas, making the 1 Malaysia slogan a joke as they continue to put a spanner to the hopes of players who just want to play badminton.

For now the C&T is the most powerful committee in BAM and they continue to ignore the provisions of the BAM constitution.

It is egos that kill sports in this country and you will find the biggest egos in BAM, in the interest of the nation.

And another point to note, BAM it seems has prevented independent players from displaying the wording Malaysia at the back of their shirts during competitions. And which nations interest are you looking at since independent players in Europe are allowed to display the name of their country,

Proud to be Malaysian but deprived of it due to ego of some.