Since the BAM Council has now overturned the decision of the high and mighty Coaching and Training Committee who denied Zulfadli Zulkifli a chance to join the training camp for the Thomas Cup, kudos are in store for the BAM President.

However what is perturbing is the fact that the C&T Chairman is still hanging on to his position despite the fact that his attempt to derail the vision of the BAM as a whole did not materialize.

And to the official from Penang who virtually ridiculed a former great Dato James Selvaraj, who was giving his expert opinion to include Zulfadli, but was embarrassed by this official from the island, perhaps you owe James an apology.

In reality can anyone within BAM explain if the members of the C&T have played badminton to the level James has played. Most of them played just at state level and yet have the audacity to embarrass a former great.

If the Chairman of C&T has any pride, he should relinquish his position as Chairman since he has been accused in The Star on Tuesday as practicing double standards.

So guess I do not have to resign for you won the battle but not the war. Hence it’s best that you leave while you can.