A month ago this blogger had the opportunity to have breakfast with former FAM General Secretary Dato Dell Akhbar together with Jaiho, the occassion was Dell’s birthday.

The conversation was Malaysian sports and eventually at the tailend it was on the World Cup.

It was then that Dell informed us that he was going to be part of the World Cup as Head if Security for the Durban venue. And the list of Malaysians did not just end with him and Subkiddin, who was by that time already appointed as a match official.

For Windsor John Paul was the Head of the General Coordinators for the World Cup and Dato Dr. Gurucharan Singh was appointed to head the medical teamin Pretoria.

Both me andJaiho could not wait to share this news with the rest of Malaysia but an hour after breakfast we received a call from Dell and Windsor asking us not to publish anything as there would be wolves in sheep clothing within the Malaysian football fraternity who may put a spanner in the works.

So out of respect to the duo we opted to withold the news but with the World Cup just two weeks away, and with Windsor ending his training of the officials of the Local Organising Commiitee the time is right for all to know that we have four fine Malaysian sports officials in the biggest stage in the world.

Malaysia is indeed proud of you Sirs.