The results from the Danish Open will eventually open a can of worms in the badminton fraternity.

For the opening round defeat of the top doubles pair Koo Kien Keat/ Tan Boon Heong and the loss suffered by Lee Chong Wei in the final surely will send some at BAM scurrying for answers.

Let’s see what the Coaching and Training Committee comes up with as it is fond of making decisions, many a time one that baffles pundits.

For example when did the BAM Exco or Council meet and decided that the Ng sisters could leave the BAM fold?

Was that decision taken by individuals who have vested interests?

And how is it that others even are banned from playing for wanting to leave BAM while some can go in and out to their whims and fancies?

Coming back to BAM and their selective persecutions, it is a wonder that BAM merely slapped on the wrist a player who walked off the court during the National Grand Prix finals.

It was a clear case of indiscipline and BAM probably endorses indiscipline as walking off the court for any reason is inexcusable.

So coming back to the defeat of Chong Wei, is there more then what meets the eye?

Let’s wait and see if the experts can figure it out and be objective in their disclosure.