Am sorry but beg to differ with National Sports Institute CEO Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz with regards to the certainty of a “B” sample being almost impossible to be negative.
There has been a precedent with regards to the “B” sample actually coming out negative.
So really this persecution of the two athletes, with some even going to the extent of labeling them as cheats and the Minister even contemplating taking action against the two national sports associations.
Read on … The story was published in The Star in 2007.

KUALA LUMPUR: His name had been tainted and his reputation was in ruins after failing a dope test.

His mother cried and he almost gave up playing badminton after being banned for two months.

And after months of anguish, anger and anxiety, KLRC Bhd shuttler Sairul Amar Ayob was cleared of any doping violation.

Now the 27-year-old Sairul just wants to focus on winning the last slot to represent Malaysia in the men’s singles at the World Badminton Championships which will be held at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil from Aug 13-19.

Lee Chong Wei and Mohd Hafiz Hashim have qualified for the world meet by virtue of being in the top 10 of the world rankings.

The third and last slot is an open race among Sairul, who is ranked 22nd, Lee Tsuen Seng (16th) and Yeoh Kay Bin (24th).

To earn the berth Sairul must give a good showing in the Singapore Open (May 1-6) and the Indonesia Open (May 8-13).

After keeping mum over the dope scandal and suspension, Sairul vented out his frustration over the painful episode yesterday that almost saw the end of his badminton career.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) suspended Sairul from competing in the Malaysian and Korean Opens in January when his sample A taken during a doping test at the Dutch Open semi-finals in October last year turned out to be positive.

Sairul went on to win his first Open title at the Dutch Open. A banned substance dexamethasone that are used in medication for asthma and skin disorder were found in his A sample. However Sairul’s suspension was lifted when his Sample B was found negative.

He could have been slapped with a two-year ban if the sample B was found positive.

With the suspension lifted, Sairul competed in the All-England and Swiss Open in March but the demoralised player lost in the first round of both events.

”I did not take drugs to enhance my performances. I felt very frustrated when I was suspended from the two tournaments (Malaysian and Korean Opens). I was punished and my name was smeared even before the verdict of the Sample B was out. My world ranking was affected (he was ranked at the 14th spot then),” lamented Sairul.

”In fact, I was contemplating to take legal actions against BWF and BAM (Badminton Association of Malaysia) because I felt I did not deserve such treatment. But now, I know that they had to follow certain procedures.”

”The worst for me was when my mother called me up crying. She thought I was a junkie and I had to explain to her that I don’t do drugs. Fortunately, my brother, who is a policeman, explained the whole situation to her.”

”I am glad that my Sample B was negative. It showed that I did not take drugs. But I will surely be careful of what medication I take in the future,” he said.

Sairul was grateful that his club led by owner Datuk Seri Andrew Kam stood by him.

”In fact, my club sponsored my trip to Belgium where the B Sample was tested at a laboratory there. It was confirmed negative. I was the happiest person then.”

Sairul hoped to repay his club by winning the world meet berth.

”It will be great if one of the KLRC players can make the cut for the world meet. It could be either Lee Tsuen Seng or me. I will be happy as long as one of the club players make it,” he said.

”Ultimately, my goal is to represent Malaysia in the next year’s Olympic Games in Beijing and the Thomas Cup Finals. I am not getting any younger but I will continue to work hard to improve.”

On his chances in the Singapore Open, Sairul said: ”I will be meeting China’s Chen Yu in the first round. It will be tough but I will give him a good fight.”