When Friends Betray you for fame and glory

Yesterday I was out to test.

To live up to principles or to maintain friendship, om thats recent while the other spans spans over two decades.

One I saw it coming since two months ago while the other was totally expected.

The decisions were not difficult to make as both were in cohorts who were considered as the real corrupts of our sport’s.

I had over the months cajoled then to cut loose, stay in line with their own morals and dignity, advised them not to be taken into a life where deceit was supreme, but I was fighting a losing battle.

My only mistake was I was so true to them as I opened up my personal life to them, buy I was naive So naive that I believed they were honest and principled.

But they were actually wolves in sheep clothing.

With my dreams shattered and path to a honest living shattered , I will now be forced to shut down The Lions Den, my enclave in Wisma OCM be end 2021.

Watch this space for office items to be placed on sale as I go back to the streets again, principles intact but bank balances severely depleted.

I now move into the next phase of life, to try and live with my frail medical condition – a parathyroid operation in the cards at a government g hospital soon.

I dare risk my life rather then depend on those who just ditched me without batting an eyelid.

We part ways as friends though remain distant in nature but I abbeot that as our ships of destiny take on different voyages in this vast ocean in sports.

My only regrets – that I honestly thought we were like brothers.

Well look at the bright side – two less to attend my funeral now so social distancing at its best I must say.

What next?

To walk the path of principality alone as it might be a lonely path but one I will strife with head held high no matter what obstacles lah on it..

Let us all who walk the same path pray that one day injustice willl be eradicated.

Let me finish my operation and the Black Friday sale at my Lions Den and place I rent as home begin.

Back to the streets, put there by betrayal and deceit yet again.