When unkept promisers hurt you physically and mentally

A question from the heart.

Just how many times will you trust a person that makes promises but breaks each one of the promises?

One e, thrice?

In my case one too many times and honestly I lost count.

Anyway there is such thing as one final blow and this happened yesterday.

Remember I wrote about losing my eyesight on my right eye.

I have done three cornea transplants since 2016 one on my left eye and the other two on my right Wye.

The right eye was rejected after the transplant done, some 6 months later hence the need for the second transplant.

For those who may not understand rejection can take place anytime.

The operation itself is a tedious process that had me lying flat, wide awake for well over Teo hours.

Anyway an individual that I had known for 20 years told me to plan the operation for after Raya and he would foot the bill.

I was grateful for after spending RM80k for three operations as well as injections into The Eye to stop retina bleeding, I was broke.

Ever since 2014 I have spent well over 350k for medical expenses, ranging from my little toe amputation, dialysis, transplant.

In simple words, I wiped out my EPF savings.

Now this individual had since 2018 April promised me a job so I could earn a living,

But it was one excuse after another and why would I want to believe him this time around?

It was simply because it was a medical issue and I sensed honesty in his voice as he assured me money will be given by Raya as his good deed to help the needy.

So off I went to The Eye specialist, underwent the various tests and scans and measurement for The Eye.

Alas Raya came and went, money never came and operation was booked for next Tuesday .

And I was to pay a deposit by this Tuesday.

But silence greeted me as I asked for the promise to be kept.

Nothing but silence, message were read but never replied.

So on Wednesday morning I dragged myself to The Eye specialist, told him that I wanted to postpone the operation indefinitely.

A tough call but something that I needed to do.

It might take me a few months to raise the money but I will do it no matter what.

After all I want a better vision when I go to heaven right!

Had that individual who stole my 6k from a PR jon I did for him two years ago had the remorse to pay up now, that will be a good start.

But this person had no shame whatsoever, now claiming he had already paid me.

Can you shoe proof ad bank transfers will be recorded and you could not have paid via cash banking in as you ran away to a country in United Kingdom and now arse licking to get a prized position, one that you failed 6 years ago when given a Chavez.

Anyway back to this unkept promise guy, it’s going to be a very costly unkept promise this time around, and you know I keep my word.

So to readers out there, my articles over the next few months will have spelling and grammar errors, I seek forgiveness as this is something beyond me.

With sports at a standstill jobs are hard to come by,

But prevail I shall ad I have some very very sweet, so cute, dynamic and fundamental buddied who kept me going when chips were down when that evil witch threw sand in my rice bowl.

Moral of the story – trust no one , not even your shadow.

And on your last journey you only need four friends to get you there.

The others ? Well they are just an audience that might turn up to see if you are really dead!