Where is the COO? It’s May right today.

A month after the “ special “ OCM Board Meeting, the saga of the Chief Operating Officer contributes.

Having denied appointing the COO in a hastily convened Executive Board meeting, it was the reported in The Star that the COO will be appointed by the end of April.

Kindly see the report above for clarity as to who made the statement lest this website be accused of reporting “ heresay” news that might lead to a Royal Commission of Inquiry ( direct hint).

For those who May have forgotten the twist and turns, more then the F1 circuit in Monte Carlo, a total of 59 candidates applied for what was initially advertised for a Chief Executive Officer of OCM.

And then six candidates were shortlisted and interviewed. One was selected but later denied, with even a report claiming that lowest tender need not to be the chosen one in terms of a contract tender.

And after that fateful day, when all played silent, things started going slow.

The room is ready, vacant and unoccupied.

And after the Executive Board meeting at OCM held this morning, no formal announcement was made on who the candidate will be,

All one could find out from the “ silenced” board members was the search continues and there will be a COO or CEO,

But it’s going to be end of May soon, April has passed.

Or I might have got my months mixed up as the rhyme of Humpy Dumpy still rings in my ears, no thanks to the extended dialysis today.

Any more complaints on this article? Oh well you blew it.